The kit includes a 4-meter cable, cable entry housing unit, mounting kit and solar charge controller. Complete with high efficiency photovoltaic solar panel designed for optimal battery charging. Equipped with mobile-friendly components, including a flush mount charge controller and a cable entry housing unit. Easy to install and simple to use, they allow you to travel freely and stay off the grid longer without the need for noisy generators. With solar charge and discharge controller with USB charger output from controller and programmable twilight function. Universal caravan/boat mountings, easy to install and use. Ideal for uneven surfaces.
The kit includes a 4 meter cable, cable entry housing unit, mounting kit and solar charge controller. Specially designed for charging and maintenance of batteries with maximum efficiency. Designed for Mobile, Off-grid and Offshore isolated and backup systems. High quality materials , reliability and excellent performance for all weather conditions. Solar cable included and pre-installed. No need to purchase cable separately. Reduces the risk of errors. Easy to install and ready to connect directly to the solar charge controller. Safe and secure. Robust, Slim and Lightweight. Weatherproof and watertight junction box. Protects electrical connections. Easily expandable. Higher power systems can be easily achieved by connecting more panels in parallel (for more current) or in series (for more voltage). Photovoltaic Solar Cells of very high efficiency and quality of crystalline silicon. With positive tolerance. Reinforced solar front glass of high resistance and security, purified, tempered and laminated. Highly durable, marine grade anodized aluminium frame. 100% of panels tested and proven (Flash-test and EL).

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